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:: HOW TO...

DISCLAIMER: fiatcoupe.net can offer no technical support apart from these "How To..." pages. Neither can we accept any liability. Accept all these guides as illustration and remember you should always know what you're doing when you're working on a car.

Brakes and wheels
» Engine bay work
Some easy work
Tuning: easy
Tuning: moderate
Tuning: tough

:: Engine bay work

How to replace cambelt on 20v Coupe
» Idle control valve removal (for cleaning)
How to change a rocker cover - 16vt
Replace spark plugs on 20vt
Replace oil cooler and cooler pipes on 20vt
Replacing the cambelt on 16vt
Replacing fuel filter
Replacing the manifold of a 20vt
Replace manifold on 20vt
Optimize induction system
Airbox modification: holes
Airbox modifications: drainpipe

:: Idle control valve removal (for cleaning)

Picture 1: the idle control valve.

Picture 2: remove the electrical connector.

Picture 3: remove the screws (2 x Torx-30)

Picture 4: valve removed (just lifts off)

Picture 5: dirty (pre card cleaner spraying) valve

Picture 6: clean valve (sprayed to death with Wynn's carb cleaner!!), doesn't actually look cleaner, but keep spraying carb cleaner in until it comes out fairly clear, giving a shake out too

Fit back on.

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