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DISCLAIMER: fiatcoupe.net can offer no technical support apart from these "How To..." pages. Neither can we accept any liability. Accept all these guides as illustration and remember you should always know what you're doing when you're working on a car.

Brakes and wheels
» Engine bay work
Some easy work
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:: Engine bay work

How to replace cambelt on 20v Coupe
Idle control valve removal (for cleaning)
How to change a rocker cover - 16vt
» Replace spark plugs on 20vt
Replace oil cooler and cooler pipes on 20vt
Replacing the cambelt on 16vt
Replacing fuel filter
Replacing the manifold of a 20vt
Replace manifold on 20vt
Optimize induction system
Airbox modification: holes
Airbox modifications: drainpipe

:: Replace spark plugs on 20vt

First, remove the 3 plug cover mounting bolts and remove the cover. These bolts are Torx bolts and you'll need a T40 torx bit for your screwdriver.

Now, with the cover removed you can see the 5 spark plug coil packs. These need to be removed to access the spark plugs and are also held on with T40 torx bolts. Disconnect all the coils by pushing down on the spring clip and pulling the connector towards you. (Note - the oil is spillage that's seeped in when topping up, clean any oil found in the area).

The picture 4 shows the coils disconnected.

With the coils removed you can now access the spark plugs. It's a good idea to clean the area around the head of oil before removing the spark plugs. Also inspect the coil electrical connector wiring loom for nicks/crimping.

Using a 10mm spark plug socket and a long extension bar remove the spark plugs.

Refitting is a reversal of removal, take car not to trap the wiring loom beneath the spark plug cover and tighten all the torx bolts to 9Nm or hand tight with a screwdriver.

Fiat recommends the use of the specially developed Bosch FR6KTC on the 20v turbo and the Champion RC8BYC. The Bosch are quite hard to find as they're only used on the Coupe but any Bosch dealer will be able to order them in within a few days at around £4 each. They come ready gapped and should not need adjusting before fitting.

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