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Brakes and wheels
» Engine bay work
Some easy work
Tuning: easy
Tuning: moderate
Tuning: tough

:: Engine bay work

How to replace cambelt on 20v Coupe
Idle control valve removal (for cleaning)
How to change a rocker cover - 16vt
Replace spark plugs on 20vt
Replace oil cooler and cooler pipes on 20vt
Replacing the cambelt on 16vt
» Replacing fuel filter
Replacing the manifold of a 20vt
Replace manifold on 20vt
Optimize induction system
Airbox modification: holes
Airbox modifications: drainpipe

:: Replacing fuel filter

Fiat Pt No - 46403933 approx £10.

Jack up the right hand rear corner of the car and have a look in front of the rear wheel, you'll see a large plastic cover the same as the one on the left of this photograph.

Remove the cover by taking off a couple of bolts and a nut, this exposes the filter and it's mountings.

It is as easy as it looks! Have a rag handy to catch any small drops of fuel and release the push fit connectors (older models may have just rubber hoses secured by hose clips). Undo the clamp holding the filter to the housing and stick the new one in it's place. Take note there is an arrow on the new filter showing which way round to fit it.

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