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DISCLAIMER: fiatcoupe.net can offer no technical support apart from these "How To..." pages. Neither can we accept any liability. Accept all these guides as illustration and remember you should always know what you're doing when you're working on a car.

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:: Engine bay work

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:: Replace manifold on 20vt

Time taken: 4 hours but have done it before, then it took 2 days removing stuff that didn't need removed and finding out what did etc.

What was needed: New manifold and gasket, a selection of hose clips, 4 litres of fiat coolant and WD40

Tools required: Selection of spanners, a good socket set, screw driver and Trolley Jack

Disclaimer: I was apprehensive about this job but I sought some professional help the first time I did this. The brief description is the way I did it and it works, however I am not a mechanic and I don't know how Fiat go about this job, all the information is given in good faith. I hope that it is useful and some of you have a go, as it isn't that difficult, just time consuming. Best of luck !

1: To start the job, I removed the under tray and emptied the cooling system from the small inlet at the bottom of the radiator. The clip here, like all the others is destroyed and replaced with a standard hose clip when putting back together. The radiator comes out dead easy after that. Simply undo the bolt type screws and the hose clips that are circled and disconnect the wiring (remembering what goes where) and the radiator just pulls out. I also removed the air feed pipe for more space.

2: Remove the lambda sensor from the exhaust manifold using a 22mm spanner. Put this somewhere safe as it is fragile. The heat shield then comes off. 3 bolts, 2 at the top and 1 at the bottom hold it.

3: With the heat shield removed you can survey the damage to your manifold. Mine had a crap repair that failed.
The next bit I found to be the trickiest. The bolts from the manifold to turbo come off using a 13mm spanner or socket. Move the oil feed pipe by disconnecting it from the turbo (circled). I used some WD40 on the bolts and managed to slacken them off 1/4 turn with a spanner then with a socket and flexible extension from under the car.

4: Under the car again to take off the turbo bracket and pipe heat shield. This will allow movement of the turbo so the manifold will come out.
You should take off the exhaust support bracket too, which is easy to see next to the sump.

5: I then undid the manifold mounting bolts. Stick your head in to see. Only the 2 lower bolts on No1 need a flexible extension. They come out really easy.
Pushing down on the turbo firmly allows enough space to remove the manifold. This is best done with a helping hand or if you are like me a foot.
Take away the gasket and there you are ready to do it all again but in reverse.

6: The old and the new. Notice the extra strengthening at the angle of No 5 and the 4mm cut in the face between No 5 and No 4. The braising around the old manifold cracked after one day!

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