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Brakes and wheels
» Engine bay work
Some easy work
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:: Engine bay work

How to replace cambelt on 20v Coupe
Idle control valve removal (for cleaning)
How to change a rocker cover - 16vt
Replace spark plugs on 20vt
Replace oil cooler and cooler pipes on 20vt
Replacing the cambelt on 16vt
Replacing fuel filter
Replacing the manifold of a 20vt
Replace manifold on 20vt
Optimize induction system
» Airbox modification: holes
Airbox modifications: drainpipe

:: Airbox modification: holes

Thanks to www.coupe-sport.co.uk

1: The standard airbox while good is restricted by the size of the air inlet trumpet. Opening up the airbox will remove this restriction and give more top end power and better throttle response. To do this, remove the complete air box assembly (3 screws to release the base) and add extra holes to allow air in from the cool side of the air box. Mark out the airbox remembering that the filter panel extends into the bottom air box and the hole positions need to take account of this. The easisest way to cut the hole is using a Holesaw drill attachment.

2: I cut 6 32mm holes in the side of the airbox. Remove any swarf round the holes and then radius the edges to minimise noise. Clean the box of any crap then refit as above. The result - more top end power, even better throttle response and an awesome noise. As quiet as standard when cruising but a roar when accelerating hard punctuated by the 'psssht' of the dump valve when changing gear. I'm very pleased with the results. Rolling road tests showed a gain of 17BHP. See the Dyno results page for more details

3: These are the mods as performed by Mike Stafford on his 16v Coupe. With a K&N panel filter he is very pleased with the mods.

4: A more factory looking airbox but with higher airflow is shown here following Taz's mods. Remove the whole airbox & proceed to hackoff the existing 2" induction bellmouth. Replace this with a 3" trumpets designed for sub-enclosures. 4" is too big, to fit easily by virtue of the metal 'C' bracket, so use a 3" rolled edge plastic ( black ) trumpet.

5: After generally hacking & shaping the inlet to fit ( pretty easy ) & ensuring that the tract doesn't clash under the bonnet, weld it by using an old soldering iron ( RIP soldering iron )...With a bit of finishing, the now 3" dia inlet looks almost standard fit...pretty un-noticeable.....

Results : On the road, induction roar is pretty much similar, but pickup is a helluva lot more responsive, now revs up to the redline a lot easier... not a bad mod for less than £3... cost of plastic port...

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