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To be honest with you guys, I never liked tuning. I thought tuning was for people that didn't have the money to buy a descent car and just wanted it to look aggressive, make a lot of noise and make a good impression on 15 year old kids. I wanted to make a good impression on those kids as well as on my grandmother.

Naturally, there's nothing wrong with people having no money to buy a descent car. I happen to know a few of them personally and what the hell, they're pretty much normal guys, just like you and me. It doesn't mean they're stupid or something. It just means they didn't have the luck some of us had.

But, there's always those guys running around with cars that are tuned to hell. I saw the worst out there: new and small cars, over-tuned so they're about to fall to pieces as soon as you're hugging the accelerator, cars that made a F-14 Tomcat sound like a snoaring cat, cars that had a spoiler ending where the sky was starting,... Oh God, is this tuning?


Next paragraph. Cadamuro made those tuned hellcats look like a peace of trash. They offer aesthetically right aftermarket parts. The right thing for people that have the money to make a car really shine out. They are such a good quality, such a nice design, it seems as if you've just ordered a car that was tuned by Ferrari itself. Wonderful spoilers, sleek replacement hoods, eye-catching but sober ornaments that just seem to fit as if it were factory made by your own manufacturer. I took up a whole different view on tuning. At last, I found beauty in visual tuning.

Above all, Cadamuro offers a wide range of parts for our beloved Coupé. Check out the brochure scans below, and the larger ones in the picture gallery.

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