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It's been quite some time since Fiat released news about prototypes they plan. In fact, it's always been reasonably quiet when Fiat released prototypes. They however did quite some...

There's been the news about the successor for the Alfa that's coming up, things got quite noisy when Lancia planned the thesis, and even Ferrari and Maserati seem to get enough attention from the design department. But Fiat as a car-brand?

Nevertheless, there have been some rumours around about a 'new' Coupe. Official sources are scarce with information, but with the variety of sources the noise is coming from one starts wondering...

It would put some additional strain on the dealers though, who don't all seem to be 100% capable of dealing with state-of-the art sportscars. But it seems like after renewing the Punto range a bit, releasing the Ecobasic and the Stilo, some people over in Italy just would love to get their hands on what we would call a 'real' car again.

The question is not 'will they' but rather 'when are they going to'. And knowing Fiat... which fancy new features will they put into it? It's a difficult question. The Stilo public might just appreciate those adjustable rear seats, fold-out little table in the back of the passenger seat, the cruise control,... but most current Coupe drivers would rather have them come up with another tempting design with minimum 'weight waste' and a nice engine. And above all, keep maintenance costs low.

Whatever they are up to, they seem to be using the Abarth logo again, releasing HGT versions of all models, but how about the success of those?

Add it all up, it's now Fiat to decide. It's time to clean up the image, time to make go with their bad reputation. But how? Time to get started.

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