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:: Piracy - I

How totally pissed off (excuse the words) I was when I stumbled across these sites...

They just 'took the liberty' of ripping the look of my site and using it for theirs. Wonderful. Printscreens follow below.

I don't have to explain how I evolved from being flattered to being extremely, insanely pissed off by their doings. Here I am, doing some work - for fun, free and you - I'm spending hours and hours on to make sure it looks just right. On comes some Chinese webdesigner (wanting to make some cash?) and just rips off my site and sells it on.

EXCUSE ME?! Ever heard about 'moral'? 'Copyright'? 'Intellectual property'? Suppose not. Some people are just really plain unaware of other people's hard-spent hours and try to earn some cash on other people's back. It says a lot about the webdesigner's work and talents.

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