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If you want to learn more about fiatcoupe.net and its creator, this page will tell you more. Read on, and see what fiatcoupe.net has to offer, how this site started and how you can help us to stay online.


This site does not use frames. I've chosen for a non-fames site because from whichever source you arrive on this site, you will always be ready to navigate your way through it. You will never arrive at a page that doesn't have a navigation bar, nor will you be confronted with an 'ugly' page.

Navigation was done in two levels: at the top, you have the main categories of navigation (at the right of the blue bar). Clicking on one of the categories will result in the navigation for that 'theme' appearing at the left of the page (below the blue bar). It's what I call the subnavigation. Clicking an entry in the subnavigation will take you to the corresponding page.


Fiatcoupe.net was developed using the html language, javascript scripting and css styling. Javascript is necessary for two things: to view the picture galleries (or 'related pictures') and to get rid of a rescaling bug in some browsers (mainly Netscape variants). To fully enjoy the site you are advised to use at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape 6. Other browsers may have problems in displaying the site correctly or might even fail in showing anything ore than plain text.


While previous generations of fiatcoupe.net were written purely in html (static pages), I am currently using the PHP scripting language together with a 'in-house'-written maintenance tool called Coma ('Content Management'). It's a powerfull tool using PHP and a MySQL database to keep content and look&feel separated. This means I can maintain the site just clicking around and entering actual data rather than having to update navigation, pour some style around the articles,...

Coma was developed professionally and is a commercial product. My company - StrayDesign - offers this maintenance tool for use by its customers. If you want a demonstration or are interested in anything else I offer: get in touch.

:: THE FORUM - (go there)

It's a long story this. In short, James Northam (of www.coupe-sport.co.uk) and myself separately began a Forum around may 2000. While James had the benefits of living in a country with a big Coupe-audience, I had invested in a professional Forum system. In june/july I contacted James asking to join forces. On 8 August 2000, "the Fiat Coupe Forum" was launched. With the number of members growing rapidly, we had evolved to a superb Forum with atmosphere, friendship and remarkable technical expertise.

With the Forum running on personal resources, by the end of 2002 it had become quite a money and energy-pit. I turned to the Fiat Coupe Club (see next 'The Club' page) to ask them for funding. The request was answered positively and the Forum was saved.

Still running on fiatcoupe.net, the Forum got to a point where server resources were becoming a problem. Again turning to the club, it was decided the Forum could be relocated to their server. Thank you, club!

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