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Brakes and wheels
» Engine bay work
Some easy work
Tuning: easy
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:: Engine bay work

How to replace cambelt on 20v Coupe
Idle control valve removal (for cleaning)
How to change a rocker cover - 16vt
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Replacing the cambelt on 16vt
Replacing fuel filter
Replacing the manifold of a 20vt
Replace manifold on 20vt
» Optimize induction system
Airbox modification: holes
Airbox modifications: drainpipe

:: Optimize induction system

Thanks to www.coupe-sport.co.uk

1: The standard Fiat airbox (1) sits above the wheel arch. The large pipe (2) takes the filtered air to the airflow meter (3) then down to the turbochargers compressor. The compressed air passes through the Intercooler (located under position (4) and then up to the throttle body via the pipe (5). The standard dump valve (6) is located behind pipe (5) and dumps excess boost into the intake pipe between the airflow meter and compressor.

2: To remove the lid of the airbox undo the jubilee clip on pipe (2) and remove the pipe from the airbox, then undo the 4 bolts on the air box lid and lift it clear.The outlet from the airbox lid is not well finished from the factory with very sharp edges and moulding flaws - not good for airflow. Using a file and various grades of wet and dry abrasive paper, bellmouth the outlet pipe edge as it meets the airbox lid wall.

3: The finished outlet pipe with smooth rounded edges and the moulding flaws removed When finished, give the lid a good clean to remove all the crap and to make sure no dust remains that could be sucked into the air flow meter.

4: It's worth replacing the standard Fiat air filter with a decent high flow element. I fitted a K&N panel air filter (£45 from Motech) which will last longer than the standard paper air filter (it's washable), offer less restriction to the air flow (more power) and still offers excellent filtration to protect the engine and turbocharger.

5: Refit the airbox lid and reconnect the airflow meter pipe. The engine management system re-learns its parametes to cope with the increased airflow so the car may feel a bit jerky to drive for a couple of minutes after fitting the new filter. I found that turbo spin up was much improved and throttle response was better. It sounds good too.

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