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:: Exhaust Manifold Problem - UK owners get money back

Note - After much help and support from Fiat and many happy Fiat Coupe owners, the goodwill gesture has been officially withdrawn. This means free repairs or parts are no longer being offered. If you are still in any warranty period however, you may start a regular procedure through your dealer.

What follows below is a transcription of the original letter from Ms H Rosser, Fiat UK. It is left on this site for documentation and entertainment purposes only.

Our Ref - 1454708

17th September 2001

Re: Fiat Coupe / Exhaust Manifolds

Dear Coupe Owners

Subsequent to our recent communications with your representative Mr Nigel Ogram, we would advise that Fiat Auto (UK) Ltd, purely as a gesture of our goodwill and entirely without prejudice is prepared to consider claims presented in relation to the above concern, on the understanding that the following criteria is met.

> Repairs have been carried out within the first five years from the date of registration (with the exception of repeated work).

> Mileage at the time of repair does not exceed 100,000 miles (with the exception of repeated work).

> Invoices produced relating to the repair are to include proof of payment and have been issued by a Bona Fide Company.

> Replacement parts fitted to the vehicle have been and can be proved to have been genuine Fiat parts.

Where the above criteria can be met we would request the following documentation is made available to our office.

> Copy of the invoice relating to the repair.

> Copy of the vehicle's service history.

> Copy of the vehicle's V5 registration document.

> Any other documentation relevant to the individual claim.

On the production of the above information Fiat Auto (UK) Ltd, will be pleased to make consideration to each claim in accordance with the following points:

> When the removal and refitting of the unit has taken place, consideration to a labour time of up to 6 hours is considered to be fair.

> Repairs carried out to units will be considered on their own individual merits.

Claims that do not meet the above criteria or have incomplete proof of repair will not be considered. We would also wish to point out that the presentation of a claim does not imply acceptance of liability.

Should you feel your claim meets the above criteria, please forward your documentation to the address below and you will be contacted regarding the company's decision.

FAO Ms H Rosser
Fiat Auto UK, Fiat House, 226 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4HJ


As you might have read on the Forum, there have been some changes to the above guidelines. In specific, it is very important that you bring your car to a Fiat dealership. They should be able to handle the problem, and this is the only way Fiat will do a full refund of all costs. In fact, you'll never even see a bill when you bring it to a Fiat dealer. Everything is taken care of.


A huge thanks goes out to Nigel Ogram, who has taken this whole thing on him and who is the one who made this all come true. I strongly encourage you to get a big 'thank you' to him. He's saving you a whole lot of money!

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