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:: Stone chips prevention

You might have seen this in some American movies, mainly on American cars like Camaro's, TransAms or full-scale pickup trucks. It's probably the best, probably the cheapest and probably the ugliest solution against stone chips on smoothly-designed Italian sportscars.

What we're talking about is the leather or synthetic protection you can see at the right. Not immediately what one would expect to see on the beloved Fiat Coupe, but you can without doubt justify it when you mention the quality of the paintwork Fiat sometimes tries to get away with. Or would that be the owners who like tailgating? Nah... no way.

In America (and Brazil, where this example is coming from) they have different names for this accessory. Nose covers is one of the more obvious, while probably the most 'beautifying' description is 'car bras'. Probably not something very suitable for our Fiat Coupe, as those most sexy shining bulges are anything but covered...

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