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:: Squadra Tuning chip

On the 22nd of nevember, I set off to Holland to pay a visit to Squadra Tuning. After some good experience I had before, there was no challenge in convincing the Coupe owner that came along to act as testcase for the development of a tuning chip for the Coupe 20v Turbo. A bog standard 20vt that is!

In short - it was a long but exciting day. Squadra and Van Beek racing work together on all Fiat group development and have a long history in... making cars go faster. From 'just' chipping to changing about every single part of the engine to squeeze out more - and reliable - power.

With three PC's hooked up to the Coupe we went on the rolling road. And we were there for quite some hours! The original chip was read out, and was analysed with the PC's throughout the rev range. Not a single part of the motor management system slipped from the attention of the guys: rev limiter, idle, camshaft variator,...

It was impressive to be there and impressive to hear and experience how with every run or every test on the rollers the car performed a bit better. They did it carefully too: everything was closely monitored. Temperatures, pressures, fuelling,... it all had to be perfect and within the safety margins they set for road cars that are often used and abused and have to drive around healthy for tens of thousands of kilometers. On a sidenote: one of the cars they tuned has over 300.000km on the counter - and still running around happily!

Results? A car that drives perfectly. Really I haven't seen a lot cars with such a nice powercurve. And it felt fast driving, but kept its smoothness and gained on the field of drivability - a lot!

With 260bhp available at 6250rpm, the original 220bhp at 4700rpm and also still there at 7000rpm, torque of 355Nm (262 lbf-ft) at 3000rpm, the original 310Nm and more being available between 2250rpm and 5250rpm, this car feels how I think a Coupe should feel if they launced an update. And as said - it's all still safely within the limits.

The pricing for the chip stands at 425 Euro, contact info@squadra-tuning.com for more info or for orders or visit www.squadra-tuning.com.

The power curve can be seen at the right - click the second image from the bottom.

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