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» Kayjey's story
Piet Deprez - something to say
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Hans Kise - Italy - one year after

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» Getting to know the car
Buying my first car
The Coupe within reach
The Coupe arrives
The Coupe on the road
After a couple of weeks
Two months after delivery
Seven months and dying for more. Unfortunately...

:: Getting to know the car

It all started in 1994. My mum was looking for a nice car, apart from my dad's. I was 15. We were driving a Pontiac Trans Sport and my mum's Subaru Jumbo (800 cm³) was up to be replaced. After visiting the Renault garage (which had a Cabrio R5) and the Suzuki Garage (my sister and I were in for a Swift Cabrio), we ended up in the Fiat Garage Coudron, Dendermonde (Belgium).

I actually don't recall too many details about what my mum and dad were doing, 'cause as I entered the garage I saw a yellow car just looking at me through special bulged headlights. 'Coupé Fiat', the paper on the windscreen said. Wow, I thought, I have to convince them to buy this one. Eventually they bought a Punto Cabrio. Nice car, I admit. But at that very day, I got in the Coupé and was looking through the windscreen, couldn't see too much, since I wasn't too big of a 15 year old, with my 1.68 meter or so. This car was dark inside and I wondered 'is this what a through sports car feels like?' I saw the 16v sign on the sides and I knew that had to mean something special. I took along a folder.

This Coup� really impressed me, and I knew that if I once had the money, I'd buy one. Also, I knew this car could be out of construction by then, but I didn't think about that too much. The Pininfarina sign said enough: this car would live forever.

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