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:: Fitting a boost gauge

Thanks to www.coupe-sport.co.uk

1: Connecting the vacuum/boost pipe is dead simple as the coupe already has a pipe conveniently connecting the fuel pressure regulator to inlet manifold. Simply insert a T-piece into this pipe and the job's done. It's recommend that the odd cable-tie or hoseclip is used on any connections that might blow off under boost pressure.

2: I routed the tubing along the top edge of the bulkhead and simply use cable ties to attach it to existing looms and hoses. The tubing supplied with the gauge was high quality ptfe which does not soften with temperature and is not easily crushed.

3: Routing the tubing into the interior cabin was the most difficult part with no obvious entry points through the bulkhead, so rather than messing around with a drill I decided to feed the pipe through the indicator wiring loom grommet. This does not take you directly into the dash area...

4: ...but it can easily and quickly be fed around the inner wing and through the door seal into the side of the dash. From here it is very easy to feed the pipe up the side of the dash next to the ultrasonic alarm sensor wiring.

5: I mounted the gauge in the pod supplied in the right hand corner of the dash near to the tweeter position using the double sided sticky provided. One word of caution though the coupe dash seems to be made of a very low energy plastic which is not smooth and NOTHING in the world wants to stick to it for very long.

6: Make sure you clean it thoroughly with an alcohol based solvent first. From this position the gauge is highly visible but not obtrusive and note how even the needle design matches all the rest of the coupe dials perfectly along with the colour of the back illumination. It really looks the dogs knackers at night.

7: To get the backlit illumination at night you'll need to take a power connection to any of the other std illuminated switches on the dash. With the dash side entry panel removed...

8: ...this can easily be done by cutting the wires to the back of the dash illumination intensity wheel and adding terminal block connectors to pick up 12v when the headlamps are on.

9: An inside shot of Paul Herbauts Coupe, showing the location of the boost gauge. It sits in the space occupied by the Starter button on the later LE / Turbo plus models. The location of the gauge makes the installation look very 'Factory' and can be easily seen when driving.

10: Here, Taz has put a Racetech boost gauge in the clock position on the Coupe. This looks very 'factory' although you lose the use of the clock !. The LE precludes the position as shown in the above picture due to the starter button.

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